Estimation of costs for in-patient treatment

According to the German hospital calculation based on the international DRG-System and the German medical fee schedule (GOÄ) you will receive an estimation of costs for treatment as an in-patient in the Lilium Klinik.

The total sum is composed of single items, which should be paid to each service provider separately. Please do not hesitate to contact me for a detailed estimation of costs!

Hospital stay

Medical treatment in the Lilium Klinik, including service as in-patient, operation, implant material, usual laboratory tests etc. with a hospital stay up to 7 nights with one accompanying person in the large double room. 19% VAT is to be added to the hospital stay. (In Germany private hospitals are obliged to add 19% VAT to the non-medical amount of treatment). Any additional tests, which exceed the normal standard preoperative examination (e.g. special blood tests, long-term ECG, additional MRI etc.), can be done in partner hospitals. The costs for these tests are not included in this calculation. Furthermore, the travel cost from your hometown to the Lilium Klinik is not included in these total costs.

Medical service (based on German medical fee schedule GOÄ)

Orthopedic surgeon Prof. Dr. med. Henrik Schroeder-Boersch, will charge a service fee for joint replacement and medical service during hospital stay. The exact sum will be based on the actual services. Anaesthesiologist will also charge a service fee for total or spinal anaesthesia. The exact sum will be based on the actual services.

Physiotherapy and minor medical devices

Physiotherapy is provided by an external specialized physiotherapy unit (Dolfus & Labermeier). The cost will be calculated per unit of each therapy. During a hospital stay of approx. 7 days the costs for physiotherapy are estimated at € 146,24 per day (2 x 60 minutes treatment)
Minor medical devices like crutches or two pairs of compressive stockings are supplied by a medical supply store.

Possible additional costs:

Postoperative rehabilitation as out-patient is not included in this cost estimation. You have three choices for the further physiotherapy from the 11th postop day onward:

Option 1: You prolong your stay in the Lilium Klinik for the desired number of days (7-14 days) and continue the physiotherapy/rehabilitation with the unit Dolfus & Labermayer. In this case, the cost per extra day in the hospital is € 325.00 (incl. VAT) plus the costs for the physiotherapy treatments.

Option 2: You can opt for an out-patient rehabilitation programme with Dolfus & Labermayer. In this case, you stay in a hotel for 1-3 weeks and visit the physio unit. The cost for physio is dependent on your specific treatment and will sum up to approximately € 150,00 per day. The Hotel Courtyard by Mariott is only 500m away.

Option 3: The other more comfortable option is to stay as in-patient in a rehabilitation centre for 2-3 weeks. In this case, you stay at the centre and have intensive physiotherapy all day. For a detailed estimation of costs please contact me for information about cooperating rehabilitation centres.tant bacteria).

Important notice

Important notice: before we admit patients to our hospital we have a mandatory screening for multi-resistant bacteria (MRSA). We do this with all patients (also German patients) and everyone must be clean without MRSA contamination. We will also do an MRSA check on the day you come to Germany. If you should be positive then you would need to do an eradication program which takes about 7-10 days. This would postpone your surgery. Therefore, I urge you to have a nose and throat swab done in the next few days in your home country and have yourself tested for MRSA bacteria in your nose and throat. Please inform me about the result, so we can avoid delays.

Invoice and prepayment:

You will receive a detailed invoice at the end of the hospital stay and will be partially refunded in cases of shortfall of the estimated costs. Should the treatment costs exceed the estimated deposit due to medical or other reasons, we will inform you in time about necessary subsequent payments.