Your expert in endoprosthetics:
Prof. Dr. med. Schroeder-Boersch

After 14 years as senior physician and medical director of the Wiesbaden Helios Aukamm-Klinik, I opened a new practice in the summer of 2017 at the LILIUM Clinic in Wiesbaden-Nordenstadt.

The installation of a prosthesis is a standard procedure today. But precisely because this operation is part of everyday life in many clinics, one can quickly run the risk of becoming a “simple routine case” as a patient. Yet the strength of excellent care lies in responding to individual situations and needs.

My claim after 25 years as a prosthesis surgeon is to give you particularly individual advice and care. Whether you need high quality implants, minimally invasive surgical techniques (e.g., AMIS), custom cutting templates, or navigation: I have the freedom to discuss all these features with you and apply them when needed. Also, I do not want to push your postoperative after treatment into a scheme (e.g., “fast-track” or “hip-stop”).

Instead, we will use the indisputable advantages of the modern after-treatment concepts together with your options – but not ruthlessly. You as my patient are at centre stage!

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My professional development:

Born in Hamburg in 1963, I went to school in Sydney and Dusseldorf-Oberkassel. After graduating from Comenius High School, I studied human medicine at the Universities of Dusseldorf and Heidelberg and graduated in 1989 at the age of 25 with the enclosed Third state examination.

I trained in surgery until 1992 at the Protestant Hospital in Hamm / Westphalia. After this instructive basic education, I moved back to the University of Heidelberg / Mannheim, where I finished my specialist training in orthopaedics in 1996 under Prof. Dr. med. Jani and became a senior physician at the University Hospital. Further qualifications were followed by training as a “Specialist Orthopaedic Surgeon” and the additional title “Sports Medicine”. In 2003 I moved as a senior physician to the Aukamm-Clinic in Wiesbaden, where I provided my patients with hip and knee prostheses until 2017.

I am also active in science and teaching. In 1989, I completed my doctoral studies on antibiotics and the immune system (magna cum laude). In 1999, after a series of publications and research, my post-doctoral qualification on “Cement-less Hip Endoprosthetics” followed. Since 2000 I have worked as a developer in the field of knee and hip endoprosthetics. Currently I am involved in a project for the further development of orthopaedic navigation devices. Since 2006 I am active as a national and international organizer, host and speaker at scientific meetings for knee endoprosthetics. In 2011, I was appointed professor at the Fresenius Hochschule.