Hip prosthesis, knee prosthesis -
the personal risk- benefit analysis

Video: “Risk- benefit analysis of an operation” (german language)

Do you need a new joint?

Do you suffer from pain and limited mobility? Are you considering the implantation of an artificial joint? Why should you go through this procedure? Are you even ready? I mainly deal with these questions during consultation with my patients.

Individual risk- benefit appraisal

Conservative treatment methods are no longer effective, leaving only two options: either to endure the situation as it is or to replace the diseased joint with an artificial hip or knee joint. If the pain is actually due to the diseased joint, the decision essentially depends on your individual distress. As a specialist, I can inform you about the outlook for success, the ordinary healing process and possible risks.

I will also gladly explain to you the likelihood of achieving a better quality of life after surgery. You then must weigh the improvement in the quality of life against what you have to endure from an operation. I will help you with a personal risk-benefit assessment. As a result, I want to enable you to decide for yourself whether an artificial joint is right for you.

The decision is made

In fact, most patients have a significant level of suffering when they visit an orthopedic surgeon for a new joint. In most cases, the decision as to whether a new joint makes sense is then made quickly – especially since the benefit of such an operation is often very great for the patient, but the risks are quite manageable. Often the question in the consultation is not whether, but when or how quickly the joint replacement can be performed. It is important for you as a patient to know that ultimately you specify the time of surgery. With only a few exceptions, I will never push for a quick surgery date. Also, I will never tell you that you have come too late for an operation. Even advanced arthrosis can be operated on well and successfully.