Relevant facts about myself

Learn more about my professional development as an orthopedic surgeon.

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General information about prosthetics

In which cases does an artificial joint make sense to you?

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When do you need an artificial hip joint?

Do you suffer from pain or limited mobility?

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Relevant facts about surgical interventions

Which surgical methods are possible and useful today?

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When do you need an artificial knee joint?

Partial or total joint replacement – I will explain important concepts.

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Relevant facts about the LILIUM Clinic

People take centre stage at my new workplace.

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Everything you should know about artificial hip and knee joints.

I am very pleased that you are interested in my work and are looking around on my website. Please take a few minutes if you are looking for information on hip and knee problems, want to know about surgical techniques, or are just curious. You will find informative videos as well as explanatory texts about the implantation of an artificial hip or knee joint.

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Patient's Voices

„I have had excruciating groin pain for a long time. A few days after receiving my new hip, I am finally pain-free and looking forward to long walks with my dog again.“
Petra Drechsler


„Even with two artificial knee joints, you can certainly produce athletic excellence - for example, club champion of the Rhein-Main Golf Club!“
Gerd Engelmann


„Prof. Schroeder-Boersch has implanted partial replacements in both my knees. Now I play tennis again and enjoy my renewed activity to the fullest!“
Ursula Rockel


„As a professional, I appreciated the offer to operate on my two seriously ill hip joints at the same time. What an improvement in my quality of life, also thanks to minimally invasive surgical techniques!“
Roger Götzl